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How-to Videos     (The videos are narrated, so be sure your sound is on.)

Beginner Help Videos:
  • [PLAY] Welcome Isle Walkthrough: Completing your first quest.
  • [PLAY] General Gameplay: Overview of Horse Isle: Legend of the Esrohs.
  • [PLAY] Horse Isle Money: Ways of earning some money.
  • [PLAY] Horse Capture: Capturing a wild horse.
  • [PLAY] Naming your horse: How to name your horse within dictionary rules.
  • [PLAY] Chatting: Different types and how the filter works.
  • [PLAY] Competitions: Competing in the various Arenas.
  • [PLAY] Library and BBB: How to view available horses.
  • [PLAY] Community Board: How to find valuable information.
  • [PLAY] Crafting: making things yourself!

  • Advanced Help Videos:
  • [PLAY] Game Speed Improvements: How to speed up the game.
  • [PLAY] Subscription Tokens: How to obtain and use.
  • [PLAY] Horse Tokens: How to use and available options.
  • [PLAY] Super Horse Tokens: How to use and additional options.
  • [PLAY] Club Tokens: How to use and available options.
  • [PLAY] Art Kit: Creating custom profile and rump art.
  • [PLAY] Competition Stats: What they rely on and how computed.

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