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March Update    (March 20, 2017)
   Some game tweaks and additions to spread around the isles!

New Companion: Irish Setter

New Breed: Irish Cob

New Tack!: 5 new sets of embroidered tack added! These sets are craftable.

Bug Fixes/Tweaks:
  • A New Quest has been added
  • Daily Horse buy limit is being increased to 5.
  • Foreign isles feature some additional plants
  • A rascally chair moved.

  • New Policy    (March 7, 2017)
       Due to abuse by some players, we have had to add a new restriction. Players will currently only be allowed to adopt a max of two horses from the livery each day. This number can be easily changed in the future.

    I'm sorry to those players this affects that have not been creating issues. Hopefully we'll be able to increase the max number of horse adoptions soon.

    Also, a new update will be coming relatively soon! Thanks for your patience!
    -Joe, Miranda and Team
    New Year Update    (January 22, 2017)
       Happy New Year! Hopefully it's starting out well for everyone.

    New Breed: Sugarbush Draft Horse can now be found roaming the isles.

    New Quests: 4 new quests

    New Tack: There are now white versions of English and Western Tack available to purchase.

    New Companion: You can now have a Dragget Kit join you on your adventures! However, you can only get one from her mother for a deposit. I also wouldn't advise selling or trading her as you would make a Dragget mother very angry! I'm sure her mother would take her back though if you or your horses ever tire of her.

    Listed Arena Changes:
  • Competition starts sooner
  • Required participants down from 2 to 1
  • Experience payout pretends you beat at least one player
  • No purse payout if doing arena by yourself

    New Content:
  • More encyclopedia volumes have been added for more information about your companions.
  • There is now an NPC that will buy Giant Pollen from you.
  • The Inn in NarrowTon is now giving out orders of food needed that any player can collect for them.
  • A new counter and rewards has been added to track how many orders you fulfill for NarrowTon Inn.
  • The Esrohs have a secret for you! You must have completed the quest for Zeus though before you are able to find out what this secret is. Good luck!

    -Joe, Miranda and Team
  • End of Year Donations    (December 29, 2016)
       Votes have been tallied. Thanks to those who participated. Your in-game donations have now determined our real-world donations. Based upon both games' wishes we're giving $3,000 to Doctors Without Borders, and another $1,000 to Union of Concerned Scientists. Thanks to your continued interest and support of Horse Isle!

    Vote tally below:

    Life Cycle: 2016 votes
    World Wildlife Fund: 127
    Union of Concerned Scientists: 135
    Doctors Without Borders: 256
    Scholarship America: 26

    Eternal: 2016 votes
    World Wildlife Fund: 741
    Union of Concerned Scientists: 810
    Doctors Without Borders: 1000
    Scholarship America: 381

    Have a Happy New Year everyone!
    -Joe and Miranda
    End of Year Donations    (December 19, 2016)
       In roughly a week we will total the in-game donations to determine which charities and how much interest there is in the various donation options. So, donate quick if you want to influence the real-world donations tomorrow!

    In order to donate, go to a Community Board in any City Hall and click "View/Make Charity Donation".

    Happy Holidays to all our players!
    -Joe, Miranda and Team.

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