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April Update    (April 7, 2018)
   Hopefully spring is finally starting to show up for those of us in the northern hemisphere! Here's a few new things to enjoy.

New Breed: Carolina Marsh Tacky

New Companion: Huskies have been added. There are four color variations!

New Quests: Twelve new quests available. Ten of these quests are interconnected and a bit more challenging. Good luck!

Bug Fixes:
  • Wilding update to Premium Wilding now fixed so you can't end up with two rump pets.
  • Miscellaneous typos and those weird little things that tend to pop up fixed.

    Thanks and enjoy!
    -Joe, Miranda and Team
  • January Update    (January 14, 2018)
       Happy New Year! Check out a couple new additions!

    New Breed: British Appaloosa is now roaming around.

    New Companion: The colorful and quirky Monal.

    New Quests: Three new quests

    New content and bug fixes:
  • One Esroh will now sell Esroh talismans for a cheaper price compared to the other Esrohs.
  • One of the liveries needs some help! Find out which it is to get some extra side money for jobs done.
  • Want to beef up your chemistry knowledge? Take a couple quizzes to learn something and earn a little extra money.
  • You can no longer take more than $2.1 billion out of the bank since the max amount of money allowed on hand is just over that.
  • SilicaDragget no longer hangs around when you bring her back to her mother if she was on a horse at the time.
  • Carrier Pigeon's back button is now working.
  • Payment limit for experience contracts greatly increased.

    -Joe, Miranda and Team
  • End of Year Donations    (December 30, 2017)
       Votes have been tallied. Thanks to those who participated. Your in-game donations have now determined our real-world donations. Based upon both games' wishes we're giving $3,000 to Doctors Without Borders, and another $1,000 to World Wildlife Fund. Thanks to your continued interest and support of Horse Isle!

    Vote tally below:

    Life Cycle: 2017 votes
    World Wildlife Fund: 131
    Union of Concerned Scientists: 52
    Doctors Without Borders: 232
    Scholarship America: 42

    Eternal: 2017 votes
    World Wildlife Fund: 205
    Union of Concerned Scientists: 152
    Doctors Without Borders: 900
    Scholarship America: 106

    Have a Happy New Year everyone!
    -Joe and Miranda
    End of Year Donations     (December 26, 2017)
       At the end of the week we will total the in-game donations to determine which charities and how much interest there is in the various donation options. So, donate quick if you want to influence the real-world donations!

    In order to donate, go to a Community Board in any City Hall and click "View/Make Charity Donation".

    Happy Holidays to all our players!
    -Joe, Miranda and Team
    October Game Update    (October 1, 2017)
       October's game update awaits checking out!

    New Breed: Dutch Tuigpaard sightings reported!

    New Companion: Chinchilla!

    New Quests: 5 New Quests Added

    New Content/Tweaks:
  • Mail notification is now bold if you have awaiting mail upon login.
  • Playgrounds are now playable.
  • Added low detail Tardisian Barn and Diamond Barns.
  • Esroh Talismans are cheaper (mostly)
  • There are some NPCs around that will now purchase specific items from you.
  • MadamSweetLace (and LadyRibbons) now have a job for you.
  • NPC "ads" now show up on all community boards. This shows non-quest things available for some NPCs.

    Thanks much!
    -Joe and Miranda and Team.

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