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Contest Results and Game Update!    (March 22, 2014)
   See below for results of the horse picture contest, along with a Game Update!

New Breed: Eriskay Ponies now wander the lands!

New Companion: Baby Cow! Highland Calf added.

New Quests: 3 new quests.

Helper System: New Quizzes are required to be passed to help improve helper's helpfulness :)

New Horse Picture Puzzle Levels: 9 new Slider Puzzles and 27 new Jigsaw Puzzles

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed 2 Player Co-op half-payout Bug this time. for real.
  • Crafted Western Saddles made slightly larger.
  • A few other minor fixes.

    Photo Contest Results

    The following 36 photo contest winners are all receiving a Horse Token(now) along with having their submitted horse photo in the game.

    Eternal: RoanyPony, AstroLove, WickedDream, HardRawr, Queste, AbacoBarb, Lunar, Hurt, LazyQuarterHorse, CallaLily, RockyIsMyLife, Petcaretaker, PureCharm, LittleMoon, CrystalWish, UnityPancake, ImShady

    LifeCycle: CurlyCube, SilverTea, BarrelFreak, FerretWrangler, JuniperGreen, MidnightFoal, Volatile, Sunsets, IvorySteed, RedMare, Creeper, TruthSeeker, Gallifrey, Shooter, Yumpy, Unsung, SkyChampion, BrightLights, MyHorseMoose

    Thanks go to everyone who submitted photos 200+! We could not use all of them, and selected based on variety and how well the image fits the puzzle game format.

    We hope everyone enjoys this update!
    -Joe, Miranda and Team
  • End of Photo Contest    (March 19, 2014)
       We are no longer taking photo submissions. Thank you so much for all the photos sent in. Once we've had time to sort through them and choose which will work, we'll post the results here.
    Thanks again!
    -Joe and Miranda
    Horse Photo Contest    (March 17, 2014)
       Update: We're receiving quite a few photos. We'll keep accepting photos for until the morning of the 19th (approximately another 36 hours). Thanks for all the submissions!

    We are planning on adding more of the puzzle games that used your horse photos, however to do this, we will need more horse photos!

    If you want to submit a photo, here are a few rules:
  • The photo must be yours and of your horse. Only the horse. No people should be in the photo.
  • It should be at least 800x800 pixels.
  • If you currently have a horse photo in the game, please do not submit a photo for this contest.
  • You are allowed only one submission.

    The players whose photos we chose will receive a Horse Token. Please send your photo o xxxxx. All emails should include the following.

    1) SINGLE image attachment (JPG/PNG/GIF/etc - Please no BMP or anything over 1mb).
    2) Your Playername/Game (HI2:LifeCycle,HI2:Eternal) you would like the Horse Token on.
    3) Horse Name
    4) State that you give us full and permanent rights to use the image in any way.
    5) Have a parent state you have permission or state that you are an adult. Please do not lie about your age. If you do we will be forced to ignore/delete your submission.

    Thanks! We look forward to seeing the photographs sent in.
    -Joe & Miranda
  • PayPal Issues    (March 8, 2014)
       UPDATE (2pm): Appears to all be working fine now..
    UPDATE (noon): If you get the "Sorry" PayPal error upon trying to add an item in shop, PayPal is working on this. Some people will not encounter it. We will update once PayPal fixes the problem.
    OLD (7am):
    We are currently having issues with PayPal, so payments cannot be accepted at this time. We are working hard to figure out the problem and will hopefully have it fixed soon.
    Thank you for your patience.
    -Joe & Miranda
    February Game Update!    (February 16, 2014)
       Update: Quick reset so that Persephone's Cornucopia will now work as promised.

    Lots of little tweaks and some good additions for you today! We hope you enjoy!

    New Breed: Franches Montagne! Somewhere.. . .

    New Quests: 4, with one of them being an Esroh Bonus Quest!!

    New Companion: Aardvark! Run ants, RUN!!

    Startup timers reduced for most arenas. People have been complaining of the delay being too long before the action starts when busy. The timers have all been changed as follows:
  • 45 seconds for barrel racing.
  • 90 seconds for Cross Country.
  • 60 seconds for all other arenas.

    Training Counter:
    Unfortunately we need to reset the training counters after fixing a couple of bugs. So they will be reset as of today. No longer counting no-gain contracts. Also fixed the auto-expiring contracts to credit appropriately.

    New Tool: Portable BBB now an option for on-the-go reference.

    Various Changes:
  • Allow sending mail to yourself for mailing lists, etc.
  • Improved forum topic count accuracy.
  • Prevent null-named horses.
  • 2 player minigames properly pay out all the time now when one person has completed and other hasn't.
  • Allow sorting by breed while looking at another player's horses.
  • Reformatted viewing other player's horses sort options.
  • Fixed pet ownership removal after short sales.
  • Demeter bonus leveling delay minor bug fixed.

    Now if we could just thaw out soon. (Northern USA - brrrr)
    -Joe, Miranda and Team

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