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End of the Year Donations    (January 11, 2016)
   The end of the year snuck up on us, but we've gone over the votes for last year. Life Cycle donated $383 million and Eternal donated $3.228 billion! Between the two servers, the top ranking charities were World Wildlife Fun and Doctors Without Borders. Because of this, Horse Isle has donated $2000 to each charity!

Hopefully everyone's new year is starting out well!
-Joe and Miranda
Happy Holidays!    (December 24, 2015)
   We are working on a fun game update. It will add a bit of occasional adventure to the monotony of boat travel around HI2!

We will also be looking at the end of year donations so use your in-game money to help direct where you'd like Horse Isle's real world money donations to go! Go visit a city hall near you!

Happy Holidays!
-Joe, Miranda and Team
November Update    (November 3, 2015)
   Sorry for the lack of updates. Miranda has been working basically seven days a week since August doing research on raptors during the fall migration here in the northern US. The season is winding down, so she should have a bit more time and will be able to get back to adding some content. Thank you for your patience!

New breed: Campolina is roaming the isles.

New companion: Three different colors of standard Poodles are now available.

New Quests: Two new quests (one leading to a fun surprise)

-Joe, Miranda and Team
August Update    (August 2, 2015)
   New Breed: Anglo Arabians are now roaming the isles.

New Companion: The colorful Chameleon will help keep those pesky flies away from your horse.

New Quests: Two new quests have been added.

-Joe, Miranda and Team
June Update    (June 7, 2015)
   Hopefully those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying some warmer weather and I know many are getting out of school! Here's a little update.

New breed: Hokkaido Ponies are now running around in the mountains.

New companion: An adorable Civet companion can now be added to your pets.

Quests: Two new quests are available to complete

-Joe, Miranda and Team

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