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November Game Update    (November 11, 2014)
   Whew! We've been trying to get this update out sooner. Personally, Miranda and I have been busy working on helping to start a local MakerSpace in our town. They are fun, collaborative workshops with tools and tech for members to use. You should definitely see if you have one in your own home town. They are a lot of fun. We mean to spend more time and effort on Horse Isle's continued development ASAP. Thanks for your patience!


New Breed: Norwegian Coldblood Trotter

New Companion: Fast and Fanciful Frilled Lizard companion

New Quest: A New Quest added.

New feather decors that are craftable.
Turkey and Blue Jay Feather mane decor added.

Stay Warm! (For those of you in same geo-weather-predicament as us!)
-Joe and Miranda and Team.
HI1 Down for Maintenance    (September 23, 2014)
   The Server Host is going to work on HI1 Server for a bit.
Hopefully not more than an hour.
September Game Update    (September 13, 2014)
   A late, early fall update.

New Breed: Georgian Grande is now roaming the isles.

New Companion: A small, friendly looking Scottish Terrier.

New Quests: Two more quests added.

-Joe, Miranda and Team
Horse Isle 2 Soundtrack Remastered     (August 31, 2014)
   This is an announcement that Horse Isle's Composer, Joe Schwebke, has taken it upon himself to remaster all of the Horse Isle Music. He is planning on producing an HI1, HI2 Vol 1, and HI2 Vol 2 album.

His effort includes re-recording at high quality, tightening up some arrangements and smoothing out the combinations of some tracks. He also wrote up some liner notes for every track included in the album.

Recently he has finished the HI2 Volume 1 album and it is available for purchase at BandCamp for those of you who want HIFI versions of the music.

Band Camp Link for Album:

Thanks! And yes, we are working on getting proper updates out soon!
July Game Update    (July 20, 2014)
   A simple summer update:

Breed: Mongolian Horses!

Companion: Musk Ox Calf!

Quests: Two new quests added.

Bug Fix: Skittish horse over 1000xp no longer kicks you off upon cave entry.

-Joe, Miranda and Team

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