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Game Features and Content    (Explore the ever-changing world of Horse Isle!)
Game Features:
  • No Download! Utilizes Flash 10 to play right in your web browser!
  • Massively multiplayer. Hundreds of players may be online together.
  • A unique interactable world, all in easily accessible 2.5D vector art.
  • Find and capture wild horses who wander the lands. Then care, train and feed your horses.
  • Buy fancy tack, pets, decorative extras and even design your own logo for your horse!
  • Compete in 8+ horse arenas with up to 8 others at once.
  • Player interaction via chat, trading, auctions, mail, forums and multiplayer minigames.
  • Buy your very own island. Build a customizable ranch to produce items and support your horses!
  • Unique club system. Help grow your club to the largest in Horse Isle.

  • Ever Expanding Game Content:
  • Hundreds of islands and buildings to explore.
  • Hundreds of challenging minigame quests.
  • Hundreds of game characters to interact with.
  • Hundreds of story/character quests.
  • Dozens of accurate and detailed breed renderings.
  • Dozens of original, professionally composed soundtracks for each terrain type and location type.
  • Game Pricing    (Play for free or subscribe for extra benefits.)
    Horse Isle may be played completely FREE. There are benefits for subscribing ($5/month or $40/year) detailed below. The main goal of these benefits is to limit game money transfering from a non-subscriber to a subscriber. This prevents cheating and makes it more fair for honest players.

    Subscription Benefits:
  • Player to player trading: Trade money, items, horses, pets and even lease a horse to another player.
  • Send money/items in game mail: If a player is offline, you can still give them something!
  • Horse auctions: Sell or buy horses with all other subscribers.
  • Participate in all arena levels: Non-subscribers can only enter the lowest level.
  • Ranch island ownership: Once you can afford it, you may buy your very own island!
  • Additional content: Your subscription fee is what makes Horse Isle possible, supporting the many artists, servers and support required.

  • For those that cannot afford to subscribe, the game is still fully playable, just not as easily or maybe not quite as much fun. However many players sell subscription tokens within the game, so it is possible to earn a subscription even if you cannot spend real money.
    Parental Info    (We take the safety, well-being, and education of children seriously.)
    Game Content:
    Horse Isle has been designed from the ground up to be an enjoyable, safe and educational experience. Players of all ages enjoy Horse Isle. All content in the game is completely non-violent. There is no horse breeding or any of the terminology associated with that. Horses never die within Horse Isle.

    Educational Benefits: (Almost all of this occurs without the child realizing it!)
  • Puzzles: Many puzzle minigames require memory, logic, planning and problem solving.
  • Reading: Quests provided by game characters require lots of reading, comprehension and even decision making.
  • Spelling: Our chat filter REQUIRES that every word a player speaks is found in our 'clean dictionary'. This is a continuous spelling exercise, as the child cannot successfully communicate unless they properly spell.
  • Finance: Many expensive items in the world require saving up lots of game money. Banking system includes interest and a simple stock market system.
  • Politics: Club system requires players work together to be successful in a hierarchical system.
  • Social: Multiplayer minigames and chat allow players to interact with other real people from around the world.
  • Horses: Lots of accurate horse information, artwork and breed histories.
  • Brain Teasers: Many riddles and other brain teasers stretch the mind a bit.
  • Educational Games: A wide range of subjects from History, Physics, Programming, Math, etc. are directly used in some games.

  • Child Protections:
  • Rules: We have a detailed set of rules designed to keep the game safe and clean. These are strictly enforced, requiring all players to abide by them or risk losing their accounts.
  • Chat Filtering: There is a chat, but it is limited to saying words from our 'clean' dictionary.
  • Moderators: Even with a clean dictionary, trouble-makers could still discuss topics that violate our rules. In these cases we have moderators to enforce the rules.
  • Abuse System: If someone is blatantly breaking the rules any player may report them using our 'Abuse Report' system. All of these reports are followed up on by a live person to verify their accuracy and then proper action is taken.
  • Content Rated G: Our goal with all game content we produce is Rated G. No violence, vulgar language, etc.
  • No Advertising: We have opted for a pay-to-play rather than an ad supported model, so your child will not be subjected to advertising of dubious origins.

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